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Stretch Marks From Working Out:

What To Do?

As a bodybuilder or an individual that lifts weights, you may notice that you arms, legs, thighs and abdomen may develop stretch marks. These are those long streaks on the skin that are often thin and can diverge in color. They form when the body has experienced a growth, so if you are gaining weight or muscle, then you have probably noticed these marks.

Do you have stretch marks from working out and you don’t know what to do? You have come to the webpage that will guide you in the right direction. You no longer have to be clueless about your options and you can keep them open.

Mostly women, but even men browse the web looking for ways to remove their marks. There are only a few options out there that can actually remove streaks on the skin. These are considered treatments because they are changing the appearance of the skin. Commonly used treatments for this skin condition includes: Microdermabrasion and Laser. To learn more about treatments for streaks, refer to sites similar to

  1. Microdermabrasion - Particles made of crystals are exposed to the body and they are controlled by a powerful machine. The tool used with this machine helps navigate the particles to areas affected by streaks so they can bounce against the skin and remove the upper damaged layers. By doing so, the streaks begin to gradually reduce in size and new, smooth looking skin becomes exposed. These are $70- hundreds of dollars per session. Most individuals need 7-12 treatments.
  1. Laser -heat is used in pulses against the skin to melt away upper layers that are affected by streaks. These treatments can be expensive as well. Most women feel they are painful. Individuals who have a low pain tolerance may not be able to complete treatments. These treatments can cost hundreds of dollars as well and more than one will be needed.

Rather than using such treatments you can use a cream. Stretch mark creams are less painful options and they do not cost as much. They can help diminish the look of streaks in just a few weeks and they are often intended for all skin types and tones. To learn more about creams for streaks related to working out, please refer to