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Neck Tightening Surgery

Have you been thinking about getting a neck tightening surgery to get rid of your ugly sagging neck skin? You should reconsider that thought! Surgery skin under the neck can cost thousands of dollars, especially if your insurance does not cover the procedure. Why spend hard earned money on something that will leave scarring behind. If you think that sagging skin is ugly, imagine how much better scar looks- not much better!

A neck lift surgery is not only expensive and can cause scarring- it can also promote pain, swelling and a strong pain killer may be needed during recovery to help reduce these symptoms. Women who get a neck lift cannot apply makeup for the first two weeks so that the skin can heal without developing an infection. Neck lifts are performed by a surgeon and an anesthesia must be used during the operation. After the procedure is done, you must wait several days to weeks before you can return to work and your daily routine. If you live a hectic lifestyle, then this option is not for you. To learn more about the pros and cons associated with surgical options, head over to

Neck creams are a new invention that was developed by the cosmetic industry. They do not require doctors visit, anesthesia, or cutting open the skin to reduce the look of sagging skin. A neck cream can be used at home in private and they do not require a prescription. Most women love that they can apply makeup immediately after the produce has dried. Creams also retail for an affordable cost. Most are sold for less than $70 and Buy 2, Get 1 Free specials are often available online.

The best creams are those that are marketed for neck firming, smoothing and toning. Take a look at for a full product write up. These products give an individual an overall opportunity to improve the look of their skin on their jaw. It is important to find a product that is marketed for your skin type. Most products are intended for all skin types and tones. Finding a product that can help hydrate the skin helps reduce the likelihood of skin becoming dry and slackening.